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    Got canned from my job so had to get a CHEAP personal plan-it's hard to go wrong with SERO, buttloads less than anything else out there-especially with data and unlimited txt(current promo)

    Random Thoughts
    -Small size is ok, takes some getting used to. Of course now I have to buy new cases.
    My thumbs are still programmed to the 680 keyboard, lots of spieling mistakes.
    -Kudos to palm for keeping the same charger and sync connectors
    -Boos for changing the battery design
    -Guess Camera is going to be better, haven't really tried it yet
    -Fit and finish are first rate, back cover removal is a PITA
    -Boos and Hisses for MicroSD, I have to buy new cards(i know it kept it small)
    -Big BOOS for hiding that MicroSD card slot under the PITA back cover plate. Wonder if I should go ahead and order a replacement now as I'm sure to break one of those tabs.
    -Like the phone screen lay-out from sprint much better than cingulars
    -Sprint CS blows\stinks\pick an adjective
    -Sprint reception blows\stinks\pick an adjective(at least at my house-wonder if I should try one of those repeater things)
    -Installed apps, I like the package-PT & D2G. But as I own both already which there were a way to remove the rom versions
    -Astraware solitare-could that freebie be any slower?
    -EVDO speed is REALLLLLLLY NICE !!!!
    -Haven't played around with BT enough yet to comment

    Those are my quick thoughts

    Now,Some questions???????
    1. Can I just do a hotsync from my T680 desktop(V6.21), The sprint instructions say I "must" install their software even if I have PDT installed
    2. Can I name this device the same as my 680, neither would be on at the same time
    3. Once I get a MicroSD card, can I just install resco explorer and do a restore
    4. Should I ignore 1-3 above and painstakingly install individual apps
    5. If the apps worked on my 680 should they work on Centro
    (apps I use-Softick Audio Gateway,Call Notes, City ID, Tryda,Flight Status, Java\Opera,TCPMP,PT(though I see no reason to install V4.05, since 4.04 is already on here),Natara Comet,keycaps,PDAnet)

    Any advice\input for making this a very smooth migration?
    My main thing is not to loose ANY data(contacts, appointments)

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    1. Always install Palm Desktop/Hotsync that comes with new device.
    2. Never have 2 active devices with the same Hotsync Name. You will fubar system and preferences files on both devices because the files have the same names but not necessarily the same versions.
    3. Do not restore across different device versions; see #2.
    4. Follow Palm's upgrade directions.
    5. I don't have a Centro so can't vouch for the apps.
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    Well it looks like I have some choices to make
    The version of PDT that comes with The Centro is "an older" version, the installer says I have to uninstall my new version.
    So it's not going to be possible to sync both my 680 and centro-kinda stinks

    wonder if I can install the 7.01 version into palm centro directory
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    Do everything you wanna do in life, if it's something you'll regret in the morning...Sleep Late!
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    There are alot of apps that need newer Centro versions of the apps. Make sure you have the latest versions.

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