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    just recently posted on the forums here my interest in getting the 755p

    (thx for all that good feedback everybody! much appreciated!)

    as part of my "research" into making this move, i found this post (props to talkin73!!)

    i liked this guy's approach so i took the same tack

    (a little back story - i've been a sprint customer since late '05 and my contract is expired - been very happy with sprint and truth be told, i am a little loyal - i can feel it - i really haven't had any poor experiences - pretty much i'm overall happy w/ sprint - right now, i'm REALLY happy)

    i figured some ppl here (maybe future readers of this forum) may benefit from my experience

    i first went into a local sprint store and told them my 650s getting pretty beat up, my brother just got the 755 and he likes it... so its got me thinking - got me itchin' for a new phone

    and i said... "what can you do for me"

    and teh salesperson pretty much just said $200 (what's advertised on teh sign right there in the store) - but gave me teh number to retentions (!)

    i figured, what the heck... and called them from teh parking lot

    like talkin73, i was really calm, explained my situation just like i had minutes before and then just asked in a deadpan voice, "what can you do for me"

    he was really cool calm and collected, he started by saying its a $530 phone (or whatever the mfr's sugg retail is), then rattled off the "usual" discounts and rebates - and came up with $200 figure

    so, i answered with, well, thats what teh sprint store said, and hten they gave me this number to SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR ME. (emph mine - i was really dead pan)

    so... he came back with "well, i can usually find another fifty or a hundred dollars to help ppl out with"

    long story short (believe me, you think THIS is long - i was on the phone for 40mins - but it was okay) i got the 755 for $100!!

    he had to do some gymnastics to compensate me for $43 in state, county and city taxes and sprint's activation fee - my card was swiped for $217 - but i'll get a mail-in rebate in 3-6 weeks

    but in the end teh BOTTOM LINE total is $117

    so there ya go!

    no elevated blood pressure

    no multiple calls

    no stress

    no fuss

    no muss

    if i can do it - you can do it

    just ask

    thx talkin73!
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    Awesome! But the mail-in rebate will take 8-12 weeks. And they might accidentally make it for more than the $100, which I'm sure will bum you out. Also, search around for another rebate. Kellogg might still offer one.
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    Congrats on the new phone. $117 is a very cheap price to move from a 650 to a 755p. I'm glad you found my post useful and I hope you enjoy your new gadget! I've been really happy with my 755p (much more stable than the 700p) and with Sprint. All the best!
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    if I g et a 755 (I have a 650 presently) how much more does the vision for that product cost? I have unlimited vision for my 650-do I need another kind of Vision for the 755?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfscars48 View Post
    if I g et a 755 (I have a 650 presently) how much more does the vision for that product cost? I have unlimited vision for my 650-do I need another kind of Vision for the 755?
    I am not sure if the pricing is different for different areas of the country, but I have heard people say their Vision price went up. Yes, you do need the Power Vision with Sprint on the 755p, as it is a power vision device. It is a different package. But when I switched my phone number from my 650 to my new 755, the guy on the phone said that he had to find me a power vision package and I said I didn't want to pay anything extra - and he said "Oh it's the same price, $15" I have called back since and asked casually what I am paying for my Power Vision and was told $15.
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    Finally managed to get Sprint to switch me over to SERO without having to pay ETF...

    Took forever, but its worth it, especially since SERO comes with unlimited text right now.
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    getting onto SERO - tha'ts my next project!!

    got any advice or guidance that you can share w/ the group, papped??

    and yeah jfscars - i was under the impression that the power vision plan is the same price

    also - i was told in the store that you only get the $100 mail-in rebate if you get the $25/mo plan (but!! all you had to do was call up and ASK for the $15/mo plan)

    but yeah - do an end-run around ALL of this noise and just learn what it takes to get onto the SERO plan - that's what i'm thinking!
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    Took a couple months, I think it's just a matter of finding that one person that gives you a different answer.

    So I would send an email to ecare or call support every few weeks to see if they would let me transfer to SERO, no dice.

    Then I had a $100-200 rebate for buying my 755p, but it was declined because a pre-req is that you renew your contract. So the rebate status said that if I was to renew my contract I would get the rebate.

    So I sent an email to ecare saying I had a complicated question, I would be willing to renew my contract to get the rebate I sent in, but only if I could switch over to a SERO account, since the rebate would help cover the ETF. I got a response back saying if I was to transfer my account instead I would not have to pay a ETF and he would help me get the rebate as well (no one told me this before).

    So basically I had to sign up for a new plan the sero website and they assured me my account would be transfered and I wouldn't end up with 2 plans and 2 contracts (I sent a few emails saying I was nervous to sign up for a whole new plan on the SERO website when I already have a contract).
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    very interesting

    persistence paid off - congrats

    yeah - once i get my 755 and get it up and running on my current plan, i'll go to work on the sero

    a lot of work, but sounds like its worth it!!
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    Even if it doesnt work out, you can get a lot of perks easily.

    I asked ecare how to get a student discount, they said it was no longer offered, so instead they gave me 15% off my phone bill for life for loyalty discount.

    Also got them to give me free weekend and nights starting at 7pm (originally had starting at 9pm) through a different email.

    Also got them to add unlimited text for $8 instead of $10 a month.
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    Sounds like you had an easy time and got a good deal!

    I tried something similar a couple of months ago trying to move my wife from Verizon. Between time in the store and on the phone, it literally took over 24 hours to get things sorted correctly as the Sprint Reps kept screwing things up. We did not get as good of a deal on our phones but the monthly plan worked out very well with several freebies thrown in.

    I'm a long time Sprint customer who is very happy with the day to day as long as Customer (dis)service is left out of the picture.
    Will it be worth sticking to HP Web OS? I hope so but need to see the right hardware and software.
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    Porting a number on the Sprint SERO site should be fairly easy.

    You sign up for a new account, and there's an option during the signup to "port an existing number".

    My problem is that I was already a Sprint customer...

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