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    I have over 4400 Entries in my Palm 755p.
    Recently after Synching, all my contact Ring Tones mysteriously changed.
    Ring Tones were from Palm 755p built in menu.
    Ring Tone I liked was " Ringer Quick. "
    Ring Tone changed to " Alarm Flute "
    I hate the new " Changed " Ring Tone.
    Reviewing the users manual, I found no solution.
    I would like to change them all back.
    How can I do this ?
    ( without doing the changes manually 1 at a Time )
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    Are you talking about the built in ringtones? And what about them changed? You have to be a little more specific on your problem.
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    I noticed something similar when I migrated from 700p to 755. It remembered what ring I had assigned to what contact from the 700p, but it seems it did so by remembering if it was the 3rd or 6th or 15th, instead of going by file name or something. And since there's a different list in the 755 than what I had set up in my 700p (including custom ringtones) all the contacts pointed to the wrong tone.

    I don't have any solution though, it's just something I had to deal with one at a time (actually I haven't finished...most of them I've just left as-is for now).
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