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    My issue: whenever I go through an area that T-Mobile doesn't have any service or if I can't get service in a building (like my church) the phone will show SOS - Emergency only and there will not be any bars. No big deal with that but when I do go into an area that I know has service and I check my phone it is still showing no service and I have to turn the Phone Radio off and then turn it back on before it tries to reconnect. Is this normal? It wasn't normal on my 650, I don't ever remembering having to do this.

    Here is why it is a problem, when I go to church and then head home I don't always check my phone to see if I have service so I just go on with my day. Maybe a few hours later I might need the phone and notice that I do not have any service. I do use my phone for work and I have missed calls because the phone is not connected.

    I was thinking of getting another 680 to see if that has the same problems.

    Anybody have another idea?

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    What's your priority? God or your Treo? :-)

    Seriously though, I do have the same issue occassionally. Most often when coming out of the subway in NYC. But other times it reconnects right away. I think it has to do with network issues & signal strength. And I definitely had the issue both on a 600 and a 650, with both AT&T (or Cingular) and TMobile. So I'm not sure if a new phone will help. But if you are under warranty, why not.

    There are third party apps that will force a reconnect, I think. But you'd have to ask, as it's never been a major issue with me. (In fact I kind of like it. I'm just too much a wimp to turn the darned thing off.)
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    Hmmm .. . . . My Sprint Treos (650/700p/755p) did and will run the battery to zero in no time flat looking for better service. If I am in a no service area I have to turn the radio off to protect the battery.

    I like your situation better.

    I know this doesn't help, but there is always a flip side to a story.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Thanks for the replies but does anyone know of the software that might reconnect after being out of service?

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