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    Quote Originally Posted by papped View Post
    I dunno, I've had the 1.07 rom on my phone ever since it released and haven't had a single reset with blazer.

    So I am pretty sure 1.07 and blazer did not introduce the reset.
    I agree. I just thought it was odd that during months of HEAVY use I never had a crash, but then a few hours after the update I had my first one..opening Blazer off all apps.

    Although I must add that my phone didn't run any different and my "white screen" time appears to have double since the update, while others say it has actually made things more snappy. I think these things have a mind of their own as no 2 seem to act alike.
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    Phones can have specific problems. For example the HTC Mogul had huge variations in stability on the same ROM by different users.

    However generally it boils down to 3 outside factors:
    1)Usage. Everyone uses the phone differently. If BT is buggy for example, those that don't use BT or use it less won't encounter those problems. This also incorporates issues like signal/radio/roaming problems.
    2)Other apps. Highly likely you aren't running what I am exactly.
    3)Not terribly likely, but hardware defects is another possibility.

    Usually #2 is the culprit, so it's a matter of what apps you are running. Also did you restore your apps with hotsync/nvbackup or did you re-install them after the update?
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    I used NVbackup. But didn't have a single crash with the apps that were previously installed...until the update.
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    I have found that signal strength affected my 700p alot more than my 755p. I would get constant lags at the house (lower signal strength) than at work (greater signal strength). Now it's not that bad.
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    Right, but there's a possibility that a conflict could arise from that, since you are restoring a backup from a different ROM, which the ROM has different software than the old one did.

    Of course the problem is that the only way to be sure it's not the backup is to reinstall everything from a fresh hard reset.
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    if you are using the sprint version, there is a built in instant messaging application consisting of IM, YM and AIM. for verizon, you have to install and download an instant messaging application. so i would assume you are using verizon unit.
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