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    New Centro owner here and so far, I really like my first Palm "smartphone", but I'm worried about all the crap I'm putting, and trying out on my new phone.

    I have a 2gb card and I'm trying to install as many programs as possible on the card, but how do I know that the "device" isn't being cluttered with junkie files? I just installed Launcher X and then I tried installing some kind of browser called NetFront3 that I saved to my SD card.

    Trying to install NetFront caused all kinds of problems and I've given up on that endeavor - Not important. Now, after deleting the main netfront prc from my card, I'm looking at the files in Launcher X and there's all kinds of netfront crap on my device. Okay-maybe 3 or more strange files along with one that's obvious "NetFrontLib"...

    How do we keep the little bit of space available on our Centros clean of junkie files?
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    I use Northglide's Uninstall Manager to handle what you are discussing. When I got my Centro, I installed it first, so it would have track of everything installed afterwards. Cleanup helps with doing this after it's already happened. (They offer bundles with these and other programs you might want to look at).
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    what you should do is install a backup program and backup to the card before you install each new program. This way if it causes a problem, you can restore it to a state before the program was added.
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