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    Just wanted to let everyone know that I have had PowerHero on my Centro for about a week now and it is doing the job. I set it so that the NETWORK is shut off after 1 min under the Power Saver settings.

    With this and keeping Bluetooth off until needed, I am getting through the day and still have from 54-70% battery remaining. I have the auto sync on the versamail set to pick up mail every 30 minutes, plus I use bluetooth in my car, make average business calls some internet stuff. All in all, it seems the drain issue for me was the NETWORK connection remaining open after a connection.
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    I find, in the first week of full use, that I usually am down to 50% when I get home, 10 hours after I pull the Centro off the charger. I have Versamail doing EAS and personal email (30 min) and Xpressmail running with its "direct push". I haven't used the car charger and still have 20% or better when I get ready for bed around 11:00. I am just in the habit of hitting the charger every night. The old PPC's were bad about running down. It isn't a problem for me.

    I do use the Bluetooth and have the IR disabled.
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    Disable beams and BT if you don't use them.
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    If I use the USB connection to charge, my Centro indicates a full charge in the morning but won't last a full day.
    If I use the plug-in wall charger it lasts all day. I've experienced this more than once.
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