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    I just got a Treo 650. I want to know if you can access WIFI spots with it ? What do I need to do so IF possible. I saw something called a Endro Wifi Sled and besides that is there a Wifi card that works ? I am trying to get around paying for the data via Verizon.

    Or if you think its worth it - paying the data let me know.

    I just got it today and I am pretty psched.

    And if there is anything else you think I need to know. I would apperciate it.

    Thank you in advance
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    If you want wifi, use the Enfora sled.

    However, I would recommend a data plan because it will work most anywhere.

    Browse these forums and read the stickies. That will be a good start.
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    Really depends on how much and where you intend on using the Treo's internet capability. Here are my suggestions:

    Check this thread about dial-up options with your Treo HERE.

    1: I can vouch myself for the internet access (it works) but not the charges (supposedly uses only minutes). I do know that under my phones settings when connecting and browsing the web it didn't register any data transfers, although I'm not sure if that has any significant meaning.

    2: You can also use your Blue Tooth accessability to access the web. I have a $20 USB BT adapter I purchased and simply plug it in and connect (except at work they block private IPs). So far, this proved to be the fastest for me and works quite well for my needs.

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