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    First of all, Hi

    This is post number 1 for a new Centro Owner

    My question is this,

    I have a new palm centro and my keypad only stays lit when i go into pref, then power, and i tap brightness...

    as soon as i turn it off or sleep i have to repeat the process or i won't have lights on my keypad. I know that its suppose to be lit constantly because my girlfriend has a pink one and she doesn't have this problem...

    Any ideas would be helpful..... PS i have had this phone for a whoopin 24 hours...

    Thanks in advanced
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    Welcome Texan!

    I'm not sure what is causing your problem. Are you using Butler? In the Power preference category you should be able to set how much time before the key lights turn off. If your Centro is not adhering to that and you don't have any third party apps that are telling the key lights to turn off, then its an issue worth taking up with your local Sprint Store. If they cannot fix it, you will have to decide whether its worth the effort to start all over with a new Centro (which they will be willing to exchange for), or stick with the current phone.

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    The pink one has a different keypad right? Its much brighter. Under Power there is an Auto-off setting and a Backlight during calls setting. It sounds like something's going on, maybe you have the brightness way down. Take it back under warranty, maybe have Sprint take a look at it first to be sure.
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    actually it is a somewhat common problem with the centro, it is a known hardware bug that pops up after your first sync.

    If you do a hard restart, then a soft restart it fixs the problem.

    thats for you help guys and i hope this can help someone else in the future

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