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    Anybody know what these are? Found em on CNET Reviews, but no mention of either on Jabra's site.

    Jabra JX10 Slim Bluetooth Headset
    JABRA JX10 Series II
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    All I know is that Andre Kibbe from TreoCentral said that the Jabra JX10 Series II is the best unit so far when it comes to sound quality (or something like that).

    I have a related question, is the Jabra JX10 Series II able to use A2DP? I am a bit confused? I have heard some people say that SAG A2DP is only for stereo head sets. I do not really want a stereo head set. I travel a lot and there are some talk radio guys I listen to (like Clark Howard) and some preachers I like listening to. I have my computer set up to record these shows and then I transfer them to my treo. I am driving when I listen to them so I do not want to block both of my ears from hearing the road. I use a wired headset now, but it is not work to well and the wire gets in my way.

    Thanks for helping a dumb old guy.


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