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    It doesnt freeze all the way up.. but it freezes to a PLEASE WAIT dialog every few seconds.. I stupidly did the 1.10 update (sprint) when I first got the phone and it has just not worked with bluetooth. I had a 700p with the 1.08 on it that bluetooth worked fine on.. but the camera didnt work so they replaced it... and here we are.

    I recently upgraded to the 755p and have no problems with bluetooth on it, though Im very apprehensive about doing the update palm says I should do for it.. because I don't want to lose the ability to pair it with my headset or my car.. (or my mac)

    So, I guess the point of my post is this.. is there any third party app.. hack, work around, whatever.. that will get bluetooth to actually function on the 700p? I want to sell it.. and the friend that wants to buy it will only do so if bluetooth works or if there will be a fix in the distant future. I've googled like crazy and Ive yet to find anyone reporting this problem, so I suppose it could be a bad phone since I didn't try the BT before I did the update.. sprint wont replace it again now that I have the 755.. and it seems like such a waste.. I never had a problem with my 650 or my centro.. so I didn't think to be cautious and google/search the forums BEFORE doing an update that had been out for several months
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    See if you can get it replaced. I did a warranty replacement on mine and got one like that. I took it back and they ordered another one for me that's running great. While I waited, I turned off bluetooth (I mainly use it to sync) and had no problems with it like that.

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