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    I'm interested in a GPS navigator, but even though I consider myself reasonably tech-savvy I'm having trouble wading through the options on the different manufactuer web sites.

    I have a Centro (duh!) with the unlimited data plan. What I'd like is something that does the spoken turn-by-turn directions, with either traffic (for the LA area) included or with the option to upgrade to add it.

    If I'm not interested in spending a ton of money, what are the options that would work with Centro, and how hard is it to get something up and running?

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    Hello there,

    I just recently ordered a Holux m1200 gps receiver to go along with the Garmin Mobile Xt software. I have been using it for a week or so now..And I love it. I was easy to set up and does pretty much anything I could ask it to.. It does have the turn by turn directions. It updates for construction and traffic(supposedly)....I have not hit any traffic in any of my trials....The construction did pop up perfectly, as there is a spot on my way home.....

    I like it very much....It seems to do the trick just fine for me...
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    There are SO many threads on this do a search. I have answered in most of them so you will find an answer.
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    EGuy, I have looked, but the problem is that most of the threads sort of assume you know the basics. I need a step by step here -- what exactly do I need in terms of hardware, software, etc? That sort of thing. This is a topic on which I really don't have a clue, other than thinking it looks sorta cool.
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    There are 3 main choices, all of which require an external Bluetooth GPS receiver, preferably with SiRF III technology ($40 +). One good place to buy everything (except the Telenav service, which must be purchased from Telenav or maybe Sprint) is Especially look at their bundle deals. Disclaimer: I have no connection with Semsons, financial or otherwise.
    1. Telenav service @$10/month, no contract -
      Pros: a good way to try GPS on your phone without spending a lot of money up-front. The only one of these three solutions which is officially supported on the Centro.
      Cons: After one year you'll have paid for in fees that for the competing software, and you'll continue to 'bleed' from there. At least when I used it, there was no support for copying addressing from the Palm clipboard or address book, which was a real nuisance. No traffic supported in current PalmOS version, but one can hope that they'll support it in the near future. You can use Google Maps (free) for your traffic maps for now.
      This is the only one that I've tried, and I liked it, but canceled it after 6 months because I hate recurring costs. Bought a cheap standalone GPS instead, which is easier to share with my wife (no way am I lending her my Treo/Centro).
    2. Garmin Software (~ $80) - Pros: product from a well-respected company. Cons: Not too much is known about the Palm product, with respect to reviews. Hard to buy online; Semsons carries it in their bundles, but not standalone. Traffic is reported to work, but it's unclear whether you'll have to pay extra for it at some point.
    3. TomTom software~ $100) - Pros: product from a well-respected company. Cons: You'd have to make an additional choice; version 5 or version 6?
      • Version 5 - Stable, but old and doesn't pronounce the street name in turn-by-turn directions, just says something like "turn right in 100 yards."
      • Version 6 - Requires special hack/patch to get to work on a Centro, and even then is unsupported.

    Sorry, I don't know anything about traffic in TomTom ... I think that it's only available in version 6 and only by subscription, but these are just guesses.

    Corrections and further questions are welcome.
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    All TomTom internet services require individual subscriptions (eg Traffic, maps, saftey cameras)

    I have Garmin and TomTom I just got the software and I got an i.Trek GPS from Semsons. Garmin and TomTom both work well: TomTom has a larger map screen while driving but Garmin shows the street/exit up ahead but has a smaller map size.

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