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    My 17-month old son was chewing on my wife's Centro the other day. Shortly thereafter, it started wigging out, trying to sync every few seconds, without any cables plugged into it. And if I did connect the sync cable, it neither synced nor showed the charging icon.

    I took it down to the Sprint store, where they opened it up and cleaned up the contacts a bit. When they gave it back, they said the tech had found corrosion in there, though I wonder if it was just spit residue from my son. The phone has never been anywhere near water.

    Whatever they did fixed the constant sync-attempting, but it still wouldn't sync when I wanted it to, so I took it back.

    They told me that they couldn't fix corrosion in the store and that I should file an insurance claim (I have the Total Equipment Protection Plan.) I said I didn't want to pay the $50 deductible to fix what I thought was a manufacturer's defect. I said I didn't know how it got corroded and if it was, then it should be a warranty repair.

    Anyway, all of that is just to get to my question. The Sprint guy said I had to call Palm to initiate a warranty claim, but on the Palm website it says to contact Sprint. Does anyone know what the process is to have a repair done under warranty?

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    I have the Sprint monthly charged protectiin plan. I deal with a 'corporate store' rather than the franchises that seem to be on every corner.

    Anyway, my store over the years has always just swapped out a mis-functioning device on the spot. I have never dealt with Palm or had to 'send' it in to either Sprint or Palm.

    The corrosion may be the sticky point. (Sorry. . .pun not intended.)
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    I think the fact that they now documented "corrosion" is going to kill any warranty replacement options. You could try contacting palm, telling them your Sprint story and omitting the saliva and corrosion portions of the story. If not, I think you're stuck filing a claim and dropping $50. Any store that looks up your account is most likely going to see the notes from the tech.
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    The manufacturer is the one that covers warranty issues not the cellular provider. Sprint offers a service and repair plan as well insurance for units that don't qualify for S&R. Warranty covers manufacters defects, corrosion is not a manufacturer defect. Palm will likely send it back and deem it "Damaged Beyond Repair", you better believe they will inspect it before just handing out a new device. Your best bet is to use the insurance that covers this type of damage to the device.
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    Well Sprint will take care of warranty issues, but the fact that "corrosion" is already on the file, he's screwed. If Palm discovers the same thing, if he chooses to call them and try to deal with them, they most likely will see the same thing. Though I dropped my Vx in the toilet, rinsed it off, stuck it in a warmer for a day and they replaced it without a question. So you never know. Nothing wrong with exhausting possibilities, though the time involved along with the $10 to send it back might not be worth the effort if you can just drop $50 and be done with it. And spend another quarter on a binky for your kid.
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    No way does drool get "in there." Sounds like a blanket explanation and the issue isn't resolved. I don't know what the tech did since he can't service corrosion. I'd take care of it right away under warranty. You only get two insurance claims so save it for when its clearly your fault, now that I know they exchange warranty claims for new phones.

    I'd do it quick, I don't know if a warranty claim checks for notes since it has nothing to do with Sprint or your insurance plan, that's the point. Do they check to see if you made a late payment too? Sprint is providing a service to make the warranty with Palm go smoothly but they aren't connected with it. I hope I can take my phone out while its drizzling or something. Geez.
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    I'd just go to a different sprint store and see what they say. maybe the right tech won't question and delve too deeply and just send you on your way with a new phone.
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