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    Is there any Macintosh applications that let you upload maps into a PalmOS GPS navigation program?

    There exist programs, such as "Atlas" by GPS Pilot, that let you diplay maps on your Visor and which plot your current position using a GPS unit.

    There also exist such programs for Macintosh computers. I own GPSy. This program lets you import maps (such as digital topo maps called DRGs), and then plot waypoints and your currenet position on a Mac.

    What seems to be lacking is a way to convert calibrated DRGs and other maps into a PalmOS format for use in Palm GPS applications. All the existing Palm GPS applications I've seen use a supplementary PC program to convert maps into a calibrated form for the Palm software. For instance "Atlas" uses a PC program called "Navigator" to set maps up for use in "Atlas." I could use Atlas if I could just convert the maps into a form it could read.

    Is there some software solution available that converts a Mac image file into any available GPS/navigation Palm software format?
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    You could always get Virtual PC from Connectix . Then you could run that program you mentioned, "Navigator", to convert the maps. Then just copy the file back over to the Mac OS side (very easy with Virtual PC) and Hotsync it to your Visor.

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