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    i dont know what i am doing wrong , but im trying to hard reset and its not doing anything , i take out the battery hold down the red power button and let go of it when the access menu shows up, but it freezes at the screen what am i doing wrong
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    I am on my Treo so I cannot provide the link but If you go to the 755p support page at Palm and key in a search for hard reset you will get the full instructions.

    I think you need to wait until Palm logo apppears to release the power button to get the erase all data screen.

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    I performed a hard reset last night and I held the power button down while I took the battery out and while putting it back it. I continued to hold it down until after I had reinserted the battery and saw the Powered by Access logo.

    I received my instructions from here, and they worked for me the first time.

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    If you're frozen at the Access Powered screen and cannot fully boot the phone, I'm afraid you're completely stuck (as far as I know). Hard reset will not do anything because as soon as you tell the device to erase all data, it just goes back to the Access Powered screen again. I've replaced two Verizon Treo 755ps in the last 30 days for this very problem. I've yet to find a way around getting stuck on Access Powered.

    If that's not the problem you're having, and you simply can't get the hard reset screen to come up, you need to hold the red button in with the battery out of the phone, then insert the battery while continuing to hold the red button. Once the Access Powered screen appears, release the red button and your hard reset menu will appear.
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    There must be some issue with the Verizon rom. I can't imagine they would change the hardware enough (or at all) to cause these kinds of problems...
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    Sprint had a similar problem when they first released the 755p last Spring, and have had it sporadically ever since, where the Treo freezes at the Access Powered Screen. There's a thread here somewhere about it.


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