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    I love the fetch 1000 inbox:* command, is there something similar for the Calendar?
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    I've also had some users complain that calendar events over X time (1 month, 2 weeks, 6 months - random) ago are not showing up in GL (4.5 - 4.9). Is there any way to fine tune or force calendar appoints to GL?

    BTW - Goodguy - we'll miss you!
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    Unfortunately, there is no way to bring any previous calendar entries into the calendar. Upon provisioning, GMM pulls the previous week's worth of appointments and all recurring events.
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    Have you tried to do the debug / getcal command?

    This will refresh your calendar entries on the handheld but not sure how far if any it will go to bring that info in. Give it a shot, it wont hurt or remove anything.

    Good luck.!

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