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    I just got a new job and have to transition from a Palm OS 755p to a Win 750. I brought my Sprint disk into my office and installed the software so I could sync my Treo to Outlook and get all of my calendar, contacts, memos and tasks in my computer. I used the “handheld overwrites desktop” setting and have run it three times but nothing is synching, even though it appears to be during the sync process. The sync log shows “OK” for all of the syncs. I’ve run DBfixit on my Treo and get no errors. I don’t know what else to do and really need to get all of the info in my Treo on my desktop. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Does Outlook accommodate more than one user? Do you need to switch outlook to show your TreoID info?

    Another thought I have is your Outlook on a network drive rather than self contained on your desktop?
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    Do you have the necessary permissions to install the software?

    Did you follow standar protocol:

    You (the Hotsync user) are the only user logged on and have Windows Admin status.
    All other applications are OFF; this particularly means firewall and antivirus.

    What flavor of Windows is on this computer?

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