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    So I just reformatted my phone in order to get rid of the 4.x version of Goodlink (connected to a different email address) for the version connected to a new email address. Before I installed the new version of Good, I set up my personal email accounts through standard WM6 Inbox and have them syncing via imap. Before installing Good I could click on the screen or move the highlighted row to either of my personal accounts and launch the appropriate Inbox from the Today screen. As soon as I installed the new version I can no longer get to the Inbox from the Today screen. I still get new emails and if I go through Programs or make Inbox an option in the start menu I can get into the Inbox, but just not from the Today screen.

    As another note, when running the 4.x version I could get into my Inbox from the Today screen.

    Has anyone else seen this?

    - Treo 750
    - Unbranded WM6 ROM
    - Good
    - Good security policy of screen lock is active (didn't have this in the 4.x version)
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    Yes - I have just witnessed this on both a Treo 750 and Sprint Mogul, both with WM6. I am also on version I am unable to launch in to the POP mail accounts from the today screen. If I delete the account, I can launch from the Today screen. I submitted a ticket in to Good so I'll let you know what I hear. If anybody else out there has seen this and knows a fix, please let us know.
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    on another note - i just noticed that this does not launch only when there is unread mail in the pop account. When there is unread mail, it shows the account name i set up during the initial pop set up along with the number of unread mail. It is when it is in this state that i am unable to launch from the today screen. If there is no unread mail, the account name is not displayed and is shown as "no unread emails" on the today screen - i can launch from the today screen in this state
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    Unfortunately GMM does not play well with other programs that you may load on your device. It is for this reason that part of their "fix" is to hard reset and make sure that GMM is the first thing you load back on the clean device. Nice fix, huh? You won't be getting any fixes by sending tickets to Good either (that is, if you get an answer at all). They have no real answer for it (they will say it is a feature). These things were all supposed to be fixed with 5.0 and certainly with SR1. Nope. This is why my buddy says that all of AT&T internally is still on They won't touch .34 or any 5.0 versions...and they are constantly testing GMM on handsets. That should tell you something right there.

    Since my shop has long uninstalled 5.x I can't look for any reg hacks for you. Sorry. I know the hacks for 4.9.x for this same prob. Can someone help a brother out?

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