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    I am not sure if this is possible, but I am looking for a solution.

    I would like to use a Bluetooth headset to listen to music and movies when I am on the bus or just waiting around for someone. I know this is not by default supported. I have downloaded Softick Audio Gateway, but it will not send to a standard BT headset, only to supported stereo headset. I would like to just use the headset I have to listen and to use as a standard call headset. Is there a way to do this or am I just basically resigned to not doing it or buying a stereo headset (which I do not want to do)? I don't want to use a wired headset or headphones because of the known issues with the audio port.
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    Good request. I would like the same thing. For now I bought a BT stereo headset or I used a wired stereo headset.
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    You will need to get a stereo headset. With that said, there are a few models that are compact and have a detachable second headset. Remove it and its not really any different than a single ear headset except it supports A2DP.

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