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    I have a user who's 700P stopped receiving email through Good this morning. I tried to reprovision, but it got stuck at Authenticating. I then performed a hard reset and tried to install Good. Same thing, stuck at Authenticating. I then deleted his account on the Good server, and recreated it. Same thing, stuck at Authenticating. Both server and client are 5.0. Any ideas?

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    If you have another Treo handy (I use my own - poor thing gets wiped several times a month), try deleting and recreating the account, deleting your account, then putting the users account on your Treo.

    If it works on your device, get a replacement Treo for your user, if it doesn't work on your device, then hope that Goodguy sees this thread and has a suggestion
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    There is something about deleting a file local to the GMM server... (that would completely remove the user). I'll see if i can find any documentation about it.

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