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    Here is the link

    For the month of February, the Everything Treo Software Store is offering 20% off all software titles. While our Super Savings promotion offering 10% off Treo accessories ends tomorrow, you can enjoy 20% off Treo and Centro software for the entire month of February. Not only can you shop Best Sellers for Palm OS or Windows Mobile, but select any regularly priced title and save 20%. Simply use coupon code WINTER20. Offer not valid on purchases in the Everything Treo Store...

    I have never bought anything here, but I may give it a try. Has anyone else?
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    Good find!
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    Treonauts has 20% off software nearly every month, including this one. Just use the code, "BESTSELLERS." Doesn't matter whether the software is part of their bestsellers or not.
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    Hmm, Treonauts and Everything Treo look awful similar. Is this two faces of the same business, or is one a copy cat?
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    Mobihand is the software retailer for both, I believe, and for several others, including TreoCentral I believe. However, Treonauts is the only place that seems to have the 20% at all times (despite saying its for a limited time only).

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