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    I just tried using the demo version of Quickbits, and I can't seem to see any significant improvement in speed on my VDx. There are so many rave reviews of it, even though no one seems to exactly know how it speeds things up. According to its built-in bench marking tests, it boosted my VDx's speed by at least double in all its catagories. However, I just can't seem to see that improvement in running any programs.

    I've tried using it with and without FastCPU running (which I have to say works great, I had complications with Afterburner but Fast CPU is clean, lean and seems to do everything flawlessly).

    Is anyone out there using Quickbits, and if so, do you really see any speed improvements? More so, with which programs do you notice the greatest improvements?

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    My experience has been similar. The built-in benchmarking test suggests that I'm running more than 3x faster, but I have to say that I haven't *seen* much (if any) improvement. Afterburner gave me much more visible results. Frankly, I'm a little confused too at all the rave reviews.
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    The values that QuickBits speeds up are not very visible. Basically, screen refreshes should be a bit faster. especially if you use a 3rd party launcher like SilverScreen or GoBar. Also, the mem write functions are increased and the table display functions.

    QuickBits isn't going to give you the radical and visual changes that you will see with an overclocking program such as AfterBurner or FastCPU. QuickBits isn't a overclocking program, it basically is a performance tweaking program.

    I'm sure a Palm OS developer could give you more technical data on the exact functions of QuickBits.
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    Quickbits works mainly by rewriting some graphics routines to speed things up. You won't see the increase in a benchmark app that just measures CPU cycles (like Benchmark). It is very noticable in benchmark apps that measure graphics (such as Pocketmark). A good review of Quickbits is at:

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