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    Is there any program that will sync your PDA with an internet time server using a data connection (that it, not syncing it to your computer and not during a hotsync).

    Or alternatively, is there a way to schedule the auto set date and time function (so it checks once every two days or so)?

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    Did you check your preference settings? Under Date & Time settings should be an option to get the date and time from your phone carrier's network. It syncs the time whenever the radio is one.
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    Problem I found with the network time sync was that it lagged my 680 something awful (Orange UK).

    NVBackup will back up and you can also ask it to sync time via a data connection.

    Palmary Clock Wireless will let you schedule a time sync (I think a colleague uses this on his TX & this is how I sync the time on my 680)

    Also 2PlayMe possibly can do this for you as well.
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    Yeah, mine caused a lag as well.

    I will look into some of those options.
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    I use an old non-subscription version of Worldmate to sync with an internet time server but have to do it manually. I wish to find something that can do it automatically on my preferred schedule.
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    This has kept my Mac 3 Treo's (180, 650 and now Centro) in perfect time.

    Good luck
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    PalmaryClock Wireless will do automatic time sync.
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    NetClock (freeware).

    Does not have a "schedule" feature, but is excellent to manually sync time OTA.

    I use NVBackup's time sync funtion.

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