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    GoTreo will be releasing a beta version of an application called SafeGuard. We are looking for users of Treo and Centro devices that are having device stability problems.

    SafeGuard was created to attempt to detect, isolate and stop unwanted resets on Treo and Centro devices. Palm users have lived long enough with the mysteries behind device resets. SafeGuard has technology that will:

    1) Identify and repair reset loops automatically. It does this by knowing what application is causing the boot up problem and quarantine it for your review. No more warm resets or hard resets to recover your device!
    2) Identify most "random crashes" that are actually caused by applications that run in the background. SafeGuard will provide details about the crash that isolates the application(s) that caused the crash.
    3) Provides remote help desks with detailed information about your device to accelerate problem solving. SafeGuard has the ability to send details about your Treo electronically to remote help desks so they can trouble shoot the problem rather than having you provide details you do not understand or want to understand.
    4) Allows you to manually quarantine applications to attempt to isolate a problem application. Quarantining an application temporarily removes it from your device but does not eliminate any of the application's configuration or operating data files. So if and when you incarnadine the application, no data is lost.
    5) Quickly determine the last application(s) you installed on the device
    6) Quickly determine what applications run int eh background on your device
    7) Maintain a running history of all device crashes and their causes
    8 ) Maintain a history of all device resets
    9) Maintain a history of the last 20 applications that were run on the device. The length of this history is configurable.

    So if you are interested in being a part of the beta team, fill out the information below and send it to: support @

    Contact Phone Number:
    Mobile Number:
    Device Type:
    Reason for wanting to participate:

    I am very excited about this application! The need for automated detection and isolation of problem applications is long over due in the Palm world. SafeGuard was created to address this need. Along with this beta will be direct phone support to ensure the application is targetting failing applications correctly.

    SafeGuard has been in development for several months and has gone through many lab tests and several private beta customers. But this is beta test program and problems will happen. I encourage all beta users to have a current backup of their device. Chances are rare, but restoration of your device may be needed. I recommend a product called BackupMan from ( This software does have a trial period if you just want to use it for this beta project.

    Length of Beta: approximately 2 week


    1) beta testers to keep their devices updated with the frequent product updates
    2) report any and all device crashes
    3) work directly with GoTreo using SafeGuard to identify problem applications
    4) recommend changes to SafeGuard based on your user experience

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