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    I bought a Jawbone to go with my new 680 and things were great at first. I was home sick for a couple days and did not use the Jawbone and while I was stuck home and bored I did the AT&T update for my phone (2.11 I think). Everything seemed fine and I've had no real issues but....

    Before then, when I dialed a phone number, I heard the touchtones in the Jawbone as well as my phone call. Since the update, I don't hear the touchtones, only the phone call.

    Also, when I play an mp3, should I hear that through the Jawbone? Because they only play through the phone speaker.

    Anyone else experienced something like this or have any suggestions?
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    I can't answer all your questions, but regarding MP3s, out of the box the Palm/Jawbone will not play MP3s through the jawbone. You would have to get software like, softick audio gateway ( to do that.
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    dsraoff - thanks!! At least that clears up that much.
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    I never heard the dialing thru my Jawbone, even before the ATT upgrade to my 680. I know the update had some BT upgrades, and I must admit connection with the headset is more consistent than in the past. Also the phone app has a menu item added via the update that allows cancelling / reconnection of the headset. Thank you Palm. A nice and needed addition.

    A bit OT: I love the Jawbone in almost every way. The only thing that it needs IMO is some sort of audible indication that a call has ended. This could potentially cause some real social issues. I often look at the Treo to make sure. Otherwise a super duper headset.
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