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    While using sprinttv today (via kinoma), I got a "no more sockets" error and couldn't connect to any streams. Apparently google maps stopped working as well. I can still download email and use blazer though.

    It was all fixed with a soft reset, but still annoying since I just bought the thing outright with no contract. (Lot of money tied up in this thing)

    Any idea how to fix this permanently?

    PS. The only 3rd party app I have installed is NetworkDown, which closes the network connections to save battery life.
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    try removing networkdown no sockets is a network connection issue.
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    There's no idea on how to fix this permanently that doesn't entail rewriting the Palm network library to make it work better.

    There is a freeware application called Reset NetLib that just calls NetLibClose until all the network resources are freed up. That drops your network connection, but allows you to reconnect and start over without doing a soft reset.

    I suspect NetworkDown does the same thing, but I haven't seen the source code for it, and the source code for Reset NetLib is on the website above. BTW, NetworkDown basically does nothing until you run it, so it's not likely to be your problem.

    I see this problem most often if the network tries to auto-connect when entering Google Maps. If there's an active network connection when Google Maps starts, I don't see the problem.

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