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    I use my 755P more for data usage, than as a phone. They recently converted my account to ensemble, and I am now able to see how much data I use. I have about 4 more days left in my billing month, and have used 94, 113 kb. Thank goodness Sero is unlimited data.
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    Yes, I also use mine more for data than as a phone. My Sprint bill now shows the data useage and I am half way through my billing period and I have used over 49,000kb so far in data and I think 50 minutes as a phone. I've owned the 755 for two weeks.
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    I only use around 100 minutes a month, but this is the first time I have gotten to track my data usage. I like the way the new system shows this.
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    my 700p which i had for a about a year i pulled almost 2gb of date and now my 755 with about 4 months use i used almost 1gb.

    fyi....i dont teather this has all been used on the treo itself
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    lol I share 2500 minutes with my wife and we both together average about 400 minutes a month .. lol we mostly use them for games/email/web ... I've used well over 4GB in 3 months since I got my slingbox.
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    121,450 kb with 9 days left in billing cycle. Neat to be able to see data usage. I like it.
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    I've had the 755 since jan 1st, and I've used 541,000 kb in data since picking it up. 800 minutes of voice.
    I'm always surfing around on the web.
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    I don't tether either. Looks like we have some serious data usage here for sure.
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    Yeah. I haven't tethered since the upgrade, but I do visit some sites which are a bit large.
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    My average usage without tethering is around 400 to 500 MB a month.
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    I use about 130,000kb no tethering.
    I asked the same question on another forum related to phones and here are some of the responses :
    "600Mb a month , usually all thru the phone. occasional tethering. i watch some youtube videos, but mostly its all web browsing"
    "Last month I used almost 300MB of data with my Touch on the SERO plan"
    "3 weeks and I've used 1,282,923 kb"
    "I use 3-4GB a month"
    "My data usage has climbed steadily since I got it in April 2006.
    April 2006: 35MB (no RSS feeds, no push email, occasional web and AvantGo)
    December 2006: 270MB (added Spb Insight RSS and push email via Exchange Server)
    April 2007: 600MB (added RSS via push in Outlook, started streaming radio)
    November 2007: 750MB (added HTML email, YouTube, Yahoo To Go, Windows Live)
    This month, I expect to hit about 1.8 gigabytes, "
    "3 days short of 1 month 1575322 KB. That's all handset data, no tethering"
    "i use around 1 GB a month. When traveling though and tethering its more like 5 GB's a month."
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    I average 250-350Mb per month without ever tethering (No laptop)
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    I'm still not on Ensemble although I've gotten a couple letters telling me they were converting me. Each time, nothing happened. My 700p's lifetime data timer says: 6,599,906 KB and 106,782 minutes. I've had this device for about a year, so dividing by 12 I get .6GB/mo and 900min/mo.

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    HandyDj I read over at that being told you were being converted, and not having it happen is common. I was worried when they did mine, and am waiting the first bill after the conversion to see if they got it right. I do like the data they show though.

    Looks like I am gonna have to try harder to use my data though. Some of you have awesome numbers!
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    Yeah, that's what I get from it over there. They've done it twice to me, though. Must have a feature on my account that won't convert.

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    Yes, I finally updated my tagline!
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    ~50M for this month with 4 days left.

    Hmm.. That was known by #DATA

    when looking at Call Totals on Treo, it says 120M total.

    Go figure.
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    Last month I had 204,120 kb with no tethering. I like listening to Vintage WOXY on Kinoma....every day....all the time....
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    About halfway through my billing cycle, 186,637KB used so far, with no tethering (but a lot of web surfing and Sprint TV).
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    How are you guys seeing this?
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