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    I recently switched from a treo 650 to the 755, and can't seem to pair my old scala cardo bluetooth headset to the 755. During the hot sync transfer of data from the 650 to the 755, I changed my device ID to a different name. I assume this is why the two won't pair now?

    Any ideas?
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    Just to clarify, the 650 would recognize or "find" the headset, but the 755 doesn't seem to.
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    nevermind, folks. I solved it.
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    Glad you figured it out! I'd love to hear how you feel the Scala performs with the 755p. I had thought of purchasing one a year or so ago, but never did. I'm currently using the Moto HS700 and am happy with it...but I'm always on the look out for the next best thing.
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    Well, I've only had it working for a day, but I am pleased so far. Easy to connect, comfortable and economical.

    I report back after a few more days of usage how the sound quality - on both ends - turns out to be.

    Overall though, I'm satisfied as its been very dependable with good talk time on the 650.
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    Thank you! I look forward to it.
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    Well, after a week I can say that this headset is pretty reliable. Its range is about typical and comfort-wise, its ok. There is a bit of crackling once in a while but its not very often. Sound quality is pretty decent - no complaints on either end.

    I wish it could be a bit tighter around the ear, but again, not a big concern.

    Mind you, this isn't exactly a new model. I've had this since my 650, so there are newer models by now I'm sure.

    This is a good, solid headset for the money. I think it went for anywhere from $45 to $55 at the time I purchased it.

    To be honest though, the headset I would consider looking at if I was in the market now would be the jawbone noise cancelling headset.

    Cnet gave this its highest rating for a headset ever at 8.7 out of 10. Its a bit pricey - around $90 - $110, but its gotten rave reviews.

    I'd be very interested to hear about others' experiences with that one for sure.
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    Thanks for the update on how it's performing!

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