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    I have Obfuscate on my Treo 680. I use it to hide several apps, including "Web". Over the last 2 days, whenever I click on Obfuscate to show the icons, my phone resets. So, I decided to delete Obfuscate. After deleting it, I assumed it would show the icons that I had hidden. It didn't. What happens to my "Web" icon? I CAN still use Blazer, so that's ok, just wondering. Thanks.
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    You probably just need to do a soft reset and everything should reappear. If not, a hard reset will definitely cure the problem.
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    reinstall it, make those icons reappear and then uninstall again. As previous poster said, as soft reset should settle all of this.
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    You can also load Obfuscate back, unhide the apps and then delete Obfuscate. Worked for me.
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    Deleted it, loaded it back up, clicked on it and it reset my phone again. I'll try a soft reset.
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    An alternative to Obfuscate that I haven't had any problems with is "Applications," which runs from the preference panel (Preferences) rather from the launcher. You might try installing it and see if you can get your icons to show again.
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    I have "Applications" as well, and have "Web" highlighted as if it should appear, but it still doesn't. Just realized that i have a "blazer" icon in my "home" now, instead of "Web". I clicked on "Blazer" and it reset.
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    The way Obfuscate works is to install a tiny program into RAM with the same Creator ID as the program in ROM you're trying to hide. Then it sets the "hidden" bit on the RAM version.

    When you deleted Obfuscate, you likely left behind those little placeholder programs in RAM, which is why you are not seeing your ROM programs.

    What I suggest is that you use FileZ to look for and delete the placeholders. If you remember which programs you were hiding, it shouldn't be too hard to find them. They are probably only about 1K or so in size. You can also tell them apart because there ought to be an identically named program in ROM. If you turn on the option in FileZ to see both RAM and ROM, just look for these duplicates and delete the one in RAM.

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