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    my phone is crashing when i open up my text is going on...i downloaded opera mini and the java virtual machine and now im getting crashes on my phone when i try to go to my text messages...

    it doesnt crash when i go to my text messages but when i click one of the chat logs..then it crashes...but not on all of them just some

    i even tried to delete opera mini and java and still it chrashes...
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    UPDATE: I've tried to delete the text messages, but it wont let me. The phone just crashes again.
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    The file has gotten the corruption disease. You might look at DBFixit and see if that identifies a problem and if it does, consider registering it and giving it a go. Otherwise if it is important and you have a recent backup, you can reinstall the file or just delete it and get on with it.

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    ill give that a try
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    i gave DBfixit a try and it didnt identify any problems for me

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