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    I am having an inconsistent freeze/slowdown when using Contacts. When I go to search for a contact by entering a few letters from the name, it might take 30 seconds or more for all of the letters I key in to show up in the upper portion of the screen, then another 10-15 seconds before the records matching that string appear. Or, when the records do appear, attempts to navigate to a name or number freeze for 5-10 seconds. If I create a new contact record or edit a record, clicking on "Done" will freeze the unit for a minute or more (the display, set to dim in one minute, frequently times out before the display returns to the record list).

    There are no apps set to periodically check e-mail or for any other repeating connection I'm aware of.

    I was using Agendus Pro until a few months ago, when I deleted it because I got tired of the unpredictability and frequent spontaneous resets. I went back to standard Palm PDA apps, and sync with Outlook 2007. Syncs seem to run fine. I am wondering if there are some stray Agendus files that didn't get deleted when the app was uninstalled, and might e causing or contributing to the problem.

    I've searched the forum and can't find anyone reporting a similar problem. I suppose I could have a bad 755p, but it worked fine up until recently. I'm running Phone v. 2.5, software Treo755p-1.04-SPNT.
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    Another DBFixit candidate - give it a go and see if it sees a problem and if it does, considering registering it to fix it.

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    This has been posted elsewhere. Also happen to me & was due to corrupted contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FastFrank View Post
    This has been posted elsewhere. Also happen to me & was due to corrupted contacts.
    Sorry - I did a search and didn't find anything relevant using slow, slowdown, or freeze as search terms.

    Anyway, I installed, registered and ran dbFixIt, so we'll see how that works. Thanks for the responses.

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