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    Does anyone know what the finger 2.24 software does and what does it do? or what app it is connected to?

    For some reason, I have had three days of resets caused by this application as reported by Crash!Pro. If I search to uninstall I only see a file finger.dat which is not an application.
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    I believe it is related to TCPIP. Good luck with it, 'cause my guess is off the top of the head.

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    Yeah, that's what I think so too but which app uses it is my question.

    Anyway, I went ahead and deleted it.
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    Finger is pretty useless nowadays. In the earlier days of TCP/IP, you could "finger" an ID (like an email address) and get back information about the person. Due to privacy concerns, practically all systems today don't allow finger data out.
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