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    Seidio, I have to disagree with you on this point too. lol. The people here on these forums, apparently not just this Centro forum have had more issues than they used to with Seidio. I think that's a fact, you just replied to Micael even.

    The people who are on these forums are serious users and have a long history using your products. We aren't the same customer base who walk in a store and buys one product. I'm glad Seidio is being sold through more channels but that doesn't mean the quality or customer service hasn't dropped, it just means more people are buying your products.
    I apologize if I offended was not my intent.

    The reason I mentioned the companies above was not to indicate how many people were purchasing from us, but just to let you know that our products are being purchased by companies that don't buy just anything. Our product quality has improved, which has helped us move into these larger organizations.

    Quote Originally Posted by BCVP View Post
    The people on these forums have an issue with defects or misleading products, not buyers remorse. You can't please every customer but when the people on here are having problems you should know something at Seidio has changed. I think you said it best, "...someone isn't happy with our policy or the way something was handled." I think that is the point and where the issue is, apparently, well that and misleading pics of cases that have marks removed. lol. Lastly, we shouldn't need to rely on you to help us out although I'm sure everyone appreciates it.
    I certainly don't expect to never have a defective product. We do have more customers now than we ever have, and I doubt if we'll ever be able to make every customer happy. I'm simply here to help those who don't feel they were taken care of for whatever reason.

    Obviously we did something to make you this unhappy with us and for that I'm truly sorry. If there's anything I can do, please feel free to email me at I'll do my best to see if I can get you taken care of.

    Best Regards,
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    it's all relative. There aren't many companies that are 100%. Heck, look at the company this forum is founded upon. Yet we're here. They have some good products. They have some overpriced products. They have some eh products as well. They do a decent job compared to other companies, but they do have their issues, and unfortunately for them, on this forum people are public about what they think, and this is the proper place for those opinions to be voiced. They choose to be a voice on here, and they need to take the good with the bad.
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    The point is apparently Seidio's quality has gone down, not stayed the same and certainly not up. I don't know where you get that from but take a look at that other thread in the other forum and posts from some regulars here. Honestly it sounds like you feel some of these customers have a problem not Seidio. You of all people should know how many more issues you've had lately, say this past year.

    The issue people have is quality and customer service. I don't think any customer is complaining they paid too much or want to return a product since they found another solution. You're right you can't make everyone happy but those aren't the customers we're talking about, its unsatisfied customers due to Seidio, not the customer.

    I had stated earlier in this thread that I'm not a customer, my father has always been a customer for his Treos. Batteries, holsters, the works. He always puts quality ahead of price. I think all of his Treo accessories are from Seidio. You didn't offend me, no problem. I'm just trying to explain what Seidio doesn't seem to understand.

    Stores sell products based on profit margins and do sell lower quality products, I mean they were selling lower quality products before they were selling the Seidio product line right? Like I said that really doesn't mean much. There are plenty of stores that sell billion dollar cold medicine products that don't work.

    Like I said I think its great that you're here and are the customer service liaison. Now that we have Seidio's attention I hope you mention this to management and take a hard look at what customers who do give feedback say. I agree people post far more complaints than compliments but many apparently are valid. Seidio should be able to make every customer happy or at least try. I'm not upset or unhappy with Seidio or you, I'm just trying to see if something can be done to get Seidio back to where they were. Where's the Centro battery while we're at it? lol.
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    Stuff like this doesn't help their cause much:

    Talk about a conflict of interest.
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    Well I don't want to read too much into it. I don't have an issue with the "postings" as long as they take care of the customers who see their postings with a quick response and refund or exchange.
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