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    Does anyone know how to change the duration of DTMF (touch-tone) sounds that are sent manually by pressing the treo buttons while on a call?

    I often need to use an interactive voice response (IVR) system at my work that requires me to input DTMF tones to make selections. When using a standard land-line phone, the buttons are switches that instantly turn the tone on, leaving the tone on for as long as I hold the button down. When trying to use IVR systems on my 755p, I have some difficulties.

    First, when I press the button, there is a noticeable lag of perhaps 1/2 second before the tone starts. Secondly, if I press and hold a button, the tone (once it starts) only lasts about 1/2 second. That would not be a problem if I had a solid connection like a land-line phone, but being a cellphone, there are occasional signal dropoffs that can last that long. As a result, I might press 1-2-3-4 but the IVR system will hear 1-3-4 or -2-3-4. The system is not tolerant of errors such as those and I then have to hang up and start the call all over again.

    A previous phone I had allowed me to select whether the DTMF tones were short (about 1 second) or long (as long as I held the button down). The treo phone application has a phone preference check-box for "Short DTMF Tones," but it only applies to automatically-generated DTMF tones running as part of a script and seems to have no effect on manually-generated tones. Does anyone know how to make the treo output constant DTMF tones for as long as I hold the button down (or at least change the duration to perhaps 1 second)? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, I didn't receive any replies to my request for suggestions, but in the meantime I upgraded my 755p with the new phone update from Palm for Sprint phones that was just released last week...and this problem is fixed! Now, any time I must dial into an interactive voice response system that requires the caller to input DTMF tones, I can hold down the number buttons for a second or so; long enough to ensure the far end system has received my input, even if the connection is flaky. For those on Verizon or GSM, I hope you receive the same fix soon.


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