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    Quote Originally Posted by sharpspoke View Post
    This was the stupidest post I've ever read. I really can't believe someone would kick someone while they're trying to fix their phone.
    Telling someone what they did wrong is kicking them? Talk about stupid... I thought it was better than the silence he was getting. I thought if someone didn't say something, the guy would end up exchanging it for a new one and then trying it again.

    From what I know, and I'm not an expert but I've read a lot... he's going to need a ROM image from a telus 700p to restore his phone to the way it was, and it's going to need to be setup to be installable(this is the part I'm not sure about, he might be able to use DD, but I'm not sure). I don't know if a ROM update for his phone from Palm or Telus will work, but that might be another possibility.

    To upgrade his phone, he would need one that was setup from the Telus 755p rom image specifically.

    I apologize sincerely if my post came across as kicking someone when they were down. That was not my intent at all. I would have been quite vicious if that was my intent.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldDurst View Post
    I have a 700p telus, got it today and decided to play around with it.
    I installed this "see post #1" in this thread.

    Everything went ok, but my phone will NOT turn on now.

    When I try to dial a number, the phone asks me "would you like to turn phone on" I select yes.

    The I get this error message.

    The software update failed to complete.
    Please go to the support downloads page @ to perform the software update again or visit your nearest Sprint store for assistance.

    Can I get the phone back to the way it came?
    My wife will lay the beat down on me if a break another phone.
    Don't give up yet oldDurst.

    I did the conversion on a Telus phone and succeeded.

    Hopefully, you have a copy of your Nvram from the CDMAupdater (otherwise you may have to hack a copy of Nvram).

    After doing the upgrade, the treo was wiped but the phone and web wouldn't work.

    I couldn't even set my phone settings as the telus thing would come up and give me an error on the Rom Firmware mismatch and leave the phone off.

    Damn, so i tried to restore back using the nvbackup restore - well, it did restore most things but I could see I was still using the 755p rom.

    No phone, no web, no way to change those settings.

    Reading further, I found if I actually used the CDMAupdater, it would bring me closer - so I did.

    Now the phone would come on (after doing the complete update and HARD resetting) but it was stuck roaming.

    {i think i may have had another step in here somewhere - it was late}

    At this point I opened up the mtty using the usb data cable and and erased the ram.
    (following h++p:// sorry the link is not live as this *is* my second post)

    Then I went back to the cdmaupdater and restored the nvram from the original backup.

    Phone comes on under my normal provider - i did *22803 and did an update and updated the prl.

    Everything works now.

    I have a couple of extra sprint icons which are stored in rom but aside from that the phone seems to be a little more stable.

    Don't give up.
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    Just ran this today on a newly acquired 700P. Worked like a charm. Thanks for all your hard work.
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    if I upgrade my 700p with this update.. will I lose all of my programs??

    and if I do a full backup, upgrade 700p, restore with full backup... could that have any adverse affects to the stability of my phone?? what worked best for everyone else?
    "So long and thanks for all the Treos!"
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    can someone update it with the new 755 update please and repost it ?????
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    what does the new 755 update have?
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    Been trying to get in touch with you re: helping me with what will likely be a 15 minute job for you. I'll make it worth your time and even pay you BEFORE. Email me at zadriel(at)aol(dot)com and tell me the easiest way to connect with you to tell you what I need. In short it has to do with a 700p and flashing the ESN. I can fill you in more, but from what I've read the last two days on all these sites, you'll have an easy time of it.

    IF some of you know kocoman and can forward this message to him, it would be nice of you. He doesn't get financially rewarded often for his work on these boards, and some have even stiffed him. I plan to pay him up front. So help him make a little. PS, if you think you know how to flash ESN and help me make this work in place of a different phone.. email me and we'll talk about it. I'll pay anyone who can make it happen.

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    i try the convercion and worked but i got a message that the update was not succesful. i would like to get the 700p rom to back restore the phone to the previous stage can any one help??
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    LoveDa -- how did you unzip the 7 or so part .zip file for the Torino update?

    I can't send you this in a PM -- hope you see it here...
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    Has anyone made this work for verizon???
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    I know this update has been out there for a while...but I got a 700p on ebay several months ago after getting rid of my centro (didnt like it) and was so disappointed in the speed and stability. I love the phone itself and palmOS and even got a short antenna from treoantenna. Anyway I did this update last night and it is amazing...its like a new phone with both speed and stability!

    My advise to anyone is READ the thread thoroughly to make sure you have NO questions and then do it!

    Thanks to everyones hard work on this!
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    I am new to this kind of ugrading and have read a great deal of post information. However, I would appreciate a simple (complete) posting for converting a telus 700p to a telus 755.

    Could someone post the exact steps and required file(s) to accomplish this?

    My biggest problem with the telus 700p is the bluetooth functionality when trying to connect to my cars bluetooth system. When connected the treo resets every few minutes or so.

    Thank you
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    Well, this is annoying.

    I updated to 755p back in Janurary, as noted here. Recently my phone had issues and I saw it was running 700p again. Last night I updated... and this morning it is back to 700p!

    What'm I missing?
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    Does anyone know how to flash a Verizon ROM to an Alltel 755p? I have been searching and can't seem to find anything.

    As you already know... Alltel is now Verizon. On the Alltel version of the 755p has MMS removed from the ROM. The Verizon ROM has MMS and it also works on their network. I'm about to get a new phone in less than a month and want to give my 755p to my wife but she won't use it unless it has MMS. Anyone have any ideas on how I can get the Verizon ROM on this thing? As usual, tech support is zero help...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    hey guys, did the update, everything works but the IM (which is why i decided to upgrade) is giving me this error - "device not supported"..."the application is not authorized to run on this device" ... how do I make it work?
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    Just upgraded mine; just followed instructions on first page of the post.

    Looks good so far. SMS has the "in / out arrows!" Yay! Something new!
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    IM (not SMS mind you, but the IM app you had to download after you click on the icon) is the same way for me: "Device Not Supported - The application is not authorized to run on this device."

    Oh well, at least I have "in / out arrows" on my SMS! Yay! Ah yes, the things that entertain us!!
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    Just tried the 755 to my 700p Sprint treo but the megaupload site listed at the begining of this thread no longer has it.Does anyone know where I can download it from now?
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    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service in the first post still works... just tried it.
    Treo 300 (x2), 600 (x3), 650 (x6), 700p (ROM'd to 755p)
    My Custom Black-Tie 700p
    Sprint, 750 AT, Unl N/W @ 7pm, Unl Roaming/Power Vision/Pix/Txt/M2M, $46/mo.
    Lost Your Treo 300/600/650/680/700/750 CD? Download them here.
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