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    The other day I got some food on my keyboard. I cleaned it out the best I could, by cleaning around the buttons. But still a couple of buttons are stubborn as hell. Is there anyway I can clean out the crud that got in by the button? I do have extra insurance from sprint on my phone. Will my insurance cover sprint to fix the problem?

    This is very annoying
    Thanks guys
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    Open up the phone unscrew the keyboard and remove the plastic piece and do not put the plastic piece pack.
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    My guess is that since it is not a defective unit, then you will be hit with a replacement fee. Sprint's insurance company, same as most companies, did replace my 650 when it got dropped in water for $50...

    As a note, my 700P has a skin on it. The Centro has a cheap case that covers the keys.

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    How do you open the phone up?
    Is this difficult to do correctly and put back together?
    Will it void my warranty on the phone if I do this?

    Pics would be nice.
    Thank you
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