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    We proudly represent a long-awaited Revival for all fans of high-quality strategy games.

    Revival is a turn-based military strategy game in the tradition of the world-famous game title, Civilization. The player will have to explore continents, direct battles on land and sea, build towns, develop science and uphold the economy of his empire.

    Great events take place in the world of Revival: grand empires are created; highly developed states collapse in a flash, science degrades and rises again, brutal wars never end, great wealth is created in the millions but can be lost just as easily… The eternal struggle for power is the mark of this world, and only the best ones will be blessed with absolute rule. Unconquerable general or inborn diplomat? Talented economist or crafty politician? You choose your path to eternal glory in the world of Revival.

    Game features:

    • The game is designed in the best traditions of Civilization
    • Realistic strategic gameplay – turn-based tactics, resource quarrying, founding towns, upgrading buildings, land and sea battles, and even the units will gather experience!
    • Modern economical model: you can buy and sell everything
    • Immense game space: 7 planets, 27 continents
    • The scenario campaign consists of 13 missions which will take not less than 40 hours to complete
    • Very detailed tutorial with an amusing and humorous mentor
    • Excellent artificial intelligence, adjustable difficulty levels and even allows you to battle against 7 simultaneous non-player opponents

    Video on -

    The detailed information about the game, including screenshots and trailer is available on the HeroCraft PDA site -
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    Looks nice, but you forgot the most important thing:

    It costs $25.

    The second most important thing: Does it install to the SD card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller View Post
    Looks nice, but you forgot the most important thing:

    It costs $25.

    The second most important thing: Does it install to the SD card?
    I looked at the game site and it says that it will install to the SD card and use its free recources for graphics, etc... but will load into RAM to play the actual game.
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