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    Background Info: (1) Sprint 700p version 1.08 (still too scared to upgrade to version 1.10). Thus, I am still using the 680's SlotDriver_SDI0_sdsd file to read my SDHC cards. (2) Document-To-Go ver. 10.0001 Premium edition.

    I just received my 16GB Transcend SDHC card from I formatted it on my PC with the bonus card reader that came with it. The card reads Fat32 as file system after the formatting. Then, I installed all programs/copied all data that were on my previous Transcend 4GB & 8GB SDHC cards into the 16 GB card. They all work fine, except my Documents-To-Go (DTG) data files. Initially, I was able to sync onto and open all the DTG document files on the 16 GB card. But, changes to files on either the handheld or desktop version of the program were not being updated during the next subsequent syncs. This was the case even after I changed the conduit option from "Synchronize the files to Desktop overwrites Handheld" and vice versa. I consistently got the error message thus:

    Documents To Go Message(s)
    Lesson P2-6th
    - Not enough space for the item on the handheld
    To bring this item to your handheld, free up some space on the handheld

    That error message is not true, because I did and still have 39.4 MB of free memory left on the handheld. The above error message is relative to just one file with the size of 26 KB. And the total size of all the DTG data files is 5.21 MB. Furthermore, the 16 GB card NOT the handheld was the “sync” destination of the DTG files that I designated on the desktop version of the program. I have been able to flawlessly sync, update back and forth with my previous 4GB and 8GB Transcend SDHC cards. My call to Dataviz (maker of Doc-To-Go) tech. support only generated a passive assistance of emailing me the information they gleaned from the Palm website:,CASE=34080. For now, I have resigned myself to syncing the DTG data files to my handheld memory, since that is their new “sync” destination. Other than upgrading (I don't want to) to Sprint 700p ver. 1.10, what else can I do to make this card recognize my updated Documents-To-Go data files?

    Also, a tap on the "info" option of my 700p with a view to reading the current available space on the 16 GB card generates "Free space: 3.1 GB of 2.9 GB". Given that the highest reading capacity of SDHC card on the 700p is 4GB, BUT why is this info being read in reverse? One would expect it to be read as 2.9 GB of 3.1 GB. What is going on here, anyone? I will greatly appreciate any pointer(s) to the two problems mentioned above. Thanks in great anticipation of your able assistance.
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    This is just a a WILD guess...

    How much data have you filled on the 16gb card?
    More than 12gb's worth?

    Perhaps you are encountering something even stranger that there are no longer just 2x 4gb(= 8gb) but now 4x 4gb(=16gb)...

    If you were to have more than 12gb of data on your SDHC card then perhaps the amount of free space will be calculated accurately?

    *this is just speculation... I would LOVE to read some another 700p user who did upgrade and also uses a 16gb sdhc care...

    I hope you solve this soon!!

    ***EDIT: or... do you think there is a bad sector on your SDHC card???
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