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    Anyone know of a good source for free e-books?

    I got a few from FictionWise...they were ok for short SF works.

    I'm about to try out this new Skipwire ( for wirelessly downloading books ... they seem to have a pretty extensive list of free stuff although their UI on the web site is kinda klunky.

    Project Guttenberg has more works that you can read in a lifetime, but they aren't formatted for eBooks and its mostly the classics. I need "light" fare for the beach.

    Any suggestions or sites?
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    MemoWare probaly has the best selection of books for the Palm O/S.

    PalmGear also has book.
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    I agree about memoware. They have categories including: humor, mystery, romance, sci-fi, western, etc.

    I would think you could find something "lite" there.
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    If you find something at Project Guttenberg that is not already converted on memoware, it is not that difficult to do it yourself. Find a text convertor and learn how to do it.
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    There really should be a way for the public library to "check-out" ebooks. I would think that a reader that imposes a limit on the time when a book can be read would be doable. I would love to download any of the libraries books to the Palm, and be able renew them or have their time expire when I am done with them.

    Memoware is great but it doesn't hold very many "modern" authors, nor even not-so-modern authors like Tolkien, or C.S. Lewis. I know that their works are still copyrighted, but if the library can check them out in paper form then why not in electronic form?
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    Try to purchase books(their free reader is great too), has free and purchasable; many universities have free online books, for example Also, has listings of many locations with books, for free or purchasable e-books
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    How would one go about reading a book on the Prism?

    I mean technically speaking? I just checked out the memoware iste and there are books in several different formats it seems. I saw TomeRaider, iSilo and some others. Are those apps that simply open the file?

    Would someone mind breaking it down for me please?
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    Mnay of those require specific readers. There is an explaination on the MemoWare site (here) that explains each format and the reader you need.

    Many feel that reading formats have gotten way more complicated than necessary, but what can you do?

    There is a program called WordSmith that can read several of these different formats. I have not tried them myself. I use CSpotRun (for DOC's) with my MemPlug and save room on my Visor.
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    This is my favorite place for gettting free ebooks:

    The free Qvadis Express Reader Lite is great, and can be downloaded here:
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    Dude, thanks so much for posting something about memoware, its just, well for a lack of better words..kick @ss!

    I just downloaded the book im supposed to read for English over the summer. - this is awesome

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