As nowbody did it so far, allow me to announce the release of the Resco Suite for Palm OS.

The pack includes complete Resco Palm OS production:
- Explorer
- Viewer
- Backup (standard version)
- Neeews
- IDGuard
- Sudoku

I believe that most of TreoCentral users know some of these products, hence a more detailed introduction is probably not needed. (Maybe just a general remark that several of these titles are considered as #1's in their respective categories.)

The cost of the total package is $60 instead of the $125 the total price of the individual products.

Users who purchased some of the Resco products are entitled to discounts:
- 33% if they purchased one Resco Palm OS title,
- 50% if they purchased at least two Resco Palm OS products.

For more information see please the product page.

Jan Slodicka

P.S. As an additional incentive Resco Suite purchase implies also a free upgrade to Resco Explorer 2008 that should be released within a few weeks.