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    If you have ever watched PTI on ESPN then you know the segment where they read the mail from the veiwers. I would love to have the different sounds they use for "mail time" for tones for my Centro. Anybody have any ideas where to get it?
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    Can you do that on the centro? I have a 650 and I get 3 generic tones I can choose from. I downloaded minitones so I have a nice collection of soundbites for my calls and text messages, but I have yet to figure out way to change my emails SFX.
    I know what your saying about PTI. Could be cool for your phone, i think if you look hard enough online, you will find it.
    I mentioned I do not have anything on my treo, but for my reg mail on my mac, I have the Dr. Evil "You got Friken Mail" bite.
    Good luck finding it.

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