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    I have the majority of my phone contacts on a SIM card. But since I am using Good Mobile Messaging, the default list of contacts I can access are from Good data, not from my SIM card. To get to my SIM contacts, I have to plow through "Start, More. More, Contacts." How can I get Good to access the conatcts on my SIM card? Or (preferably) how can I get the "Contacts" soft-key on the home page to draw from SIM rather than Good?

    One workaround I tried....
    I have set up a speed dial key to the SIM card contacts... BUT....if I don't press long enough on the speed dial key, it simply registers the value if that key (the 'c' key for example).....and if I press on the speed dial key too long, it takes me into the Good contacts. I need a different answer than "use a speed dial" Thanks.

    (I am using a Samsung Blackjack II, running WM 6 Std, and am running Good Mobile Messaging v I do not know what version of the Good server-side software my company is using)
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