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    Hello everyone,

    We are running GMM on all of our Sprint phones here at work and have ran into an interesting issue. Some of are users are still getting Flow Controlled even with version 4.9 3.34 installed. Normally a debug->reprov fixes the issue, but this is generally a command I don't want to be telling the VP of Sales to be running. When it doesn't work, it's my fault, as those of you in the IT side of things understand.

    These users are not:
    -sending or receiving any more e-mails than the typical user
    -Taking large amounts of pictures or recording videos
    -Sending text messages

    Our Good Management Console is

    Please let me know if I can provide any more information. Thanks!
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    Our experience has been that we get the flow control issue usually when the user is in a poor coverage area. A reboot or reprov seems to fix the issue.

    Now, your GMC version sounds a little old... you mean
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    Doc we experienced the same or similar thing especially with international travelers who were frequently in and out of coverage due to roaming, poor coverage or turned off radio to avoid roaming costs in expensive countries.

    The good news it was resolved with I believe a newer version of GMM than what you have. Note, both SERVER and CLIENT need the version to make it work. Check with Good support for the exact version however may be best especially if you have newer devices deployed is to upgrade to server\client if not 5.0.x.
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    The responses are much appreciated. I did find it odd that it only happened to users that were going to remote areas of the country and being switched to roaming coverage.

    A debug->reprov has worked without fail to resolve this issue, once the user is back in normal coverage zones.

    Our network admin and I will be working on upgrading the management console and our phone software over the next couple days and see how everything works out. I've been running v5.0.3.25 for the past couple days now and it seems to be working out great.

    Thanks guys, have a great day.

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