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    Is there any way to edit the list of programs and shortcuts that appears at the top of the standard Good Mobile Messaging home page for smartphones? The ideal answer would be to do this within the Good aplication, but I cannot find any indication that this is possible. An alterntive would be to use a 3rd party app such as Facade, but I see in another thread that there may be no plug-in that allows 3rd party apps to draw from Good data. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Even if the answer is "there is nothing you can do", this would keep me from wasting time looking for a solution. Thank you.

    (I am using a Samsung Blackjack II, running WM 6 Std, and am running Good Mobile Messaging v5.0.3.23_EN. I do not know what version of the Good server-side software my company is using)
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