I've been an Ultrasoft Money v2.2 user for several months now, and have been happy with the product until the transaction database crashed over the weekend. Unfortunately my backup is corrupted as well, so I've basically lost 3 months of transactions (fortunately I keep all my bank statements). I can't really blame the application, because I think I may have caused the problem by deleting something I shouldn't have. Since I have to reload all my information anyway, I would consider switching over to PQ 2.0 if it works better than then newest version of Money, which I think is 2.21. I currently do not sync Money up with MS Money, and I probably wouldn't do it with PQ either(at least at first). Has anyone compared these 2 programs, or have experience with both, and could list some of the differences between them (Pros and Cons)? Is there another program that someone would recommend over Money or PQ? Thanks for any information you can give.