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    I am pretty sure I've seen this discussed here, but I'll be damned if I can find the thread...

    My wife likes to use the phone to listen to a talk radio show that isn't available here in Metro Detroit. It ends at Midnight, when more often than not she has already fallen asleep. Is there a program to turn off the internet and/or the phone so it doesn't stay on all night? We have unlimited internet, so the issue isn't the connection time, but rather she/we would like to not have to wake up to turn off the phone.

    My search powers are all but useless, please help me find this app or thread that talked about it!!

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    I like Crazy Alarm. It can perform many automated functions.
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    TreoAlarm should wrk for you, and it's FREE. I love it.
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    Thanks to the both of you.

    I've got Treo Alarm on my 680, but since I have no need for this feature, I had not bothered to figure it out!

    All I gotta do is set her up!!


    thanks again!

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