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    I've wandered over twice in WM-land, tempted by the impressive feature lists, but always ended up returning to Palm because, well, it just works. Quickly.
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    I will agree, Palm OS is just the best. To be honest I get bored quickly, & I'm kind of looking forward to the 800W. Maybe its time for a change
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    Quote Originally Posted by phrogpilot73 View Post
    For anyone who is considering the jump from Palm to WM, I thought I'd offer a brief snippet of my experience. I too was fearful, but I don't think I'll be looking back. I had a metric-****-ton of programs for Palm, and I had my 650 singing like I thought no phone could sing. Then it started to get squirly, and I had to upgrade. So, here's what I had on my phone and what I've replaced it with on WM:

    Push email with Chatter - I'm using Outlook on WM, the only thing that I don't like is that it doesn't support IMAP idle. I get push email with my hotmail (thanks to XDA Developers stripping Windows Live out of a full WM6 version, so I don't have to replace my WM6 ROM, at least not yet), push email with my exchange server at work, and pull email on my personal email. Not too bad, still working on figuring out a good replacement for IMAP idle.

    GooSync - There's a WM version, no change

    Warden - There's a WM version, no change

    Ultimate Phone - I get almost the same functionality with the built in Today screen (photo speed dial, upcoming appointments, unread emails, etc...). Plus, you can customize the today screen (I have a weather program added that updates when I want it to) with a bunch of stuff, some free - some for pay.

    Treo Weather - Use WeatherPanel on the today screen, very nice - even offers radar/satellite imagery, comparisons of the weather with all your locations, etc... And it's (mostly) free...

    Treo Memo - I'm just using the built in notes program

    Agendus Pro - There's a WM version, but I was using Agendus to get the Outlook-like functionality (inviting attendees, etc...), and I get that with the built in Outlook so I'm not swapping.

    Convertor - I use WorldMate, which is free. The pay features (Flight status, etc...) are pricey, but it's got built in stuff that's pretty good for free.

    ZLauncher - I was using ZLauncher to spruce up Palm OS, and give me the ability to run programs from the card. When you install on WM, it gives you the option to install on the card, and near as I can tell - it runs fine. I put stuff that I use often (like things that are on the today screen) on the device, and all other stuff on the card.

    Call Block - All this functionality is essentially built in to WM6.

    Tube2 - They have a WM version.

    Mundu Radio - They have a WM version.

    Flight Status - My second biggest disappointment about switching to WM. There are only two programs that I have found thusfar that do real-time flight status. WorldMate, and Fizz Traveler (with Flight Status plug in). Both are subscription services, which sucks. WorldMate is $74.95 a year (ouch!) and Fizz Traveler is $4.95 a quarter. Both options suck. I'm just going to rely on the Flight Stats mobile site for now... If I were traveling more for my job, I would be able to justify the price...

    Directory Assistant - My biggest disappointment. I still haven't found anything comparable yet. For businesses, I use live search (they have a WM app that's nicely formatted, and includes movie show times, gas prices, etc...)

    MunduIM - They have a WM version, but I'm not using it. Thanks to XDA Developers, I have Windows Live for WM installed. Since I primarily (make that almost exclusively) using Windows Live Messenger for IM, I'm set. I do plan on installing Skype for WM, since I have a buddy in England that's on that. Both are free.

    Noah Pro Dictionary & Thesaurus - Haven't found a free version that's as nice as Noah, but I'm still looking. I am evaluating some pay ones...

    Palmary Clock Wireless - Haven't found a suitable replacement yet. There's built-in alarms on WM, but they aren't as feature rich.

    Games - I wasn't as worried about this one, but there are a lot of replacements for WM (for example, I had Astraware Sudoku on Palm, and they have a WM version), and there are some cool ones that weren't on Palm. I've got a 9-Hole golf game installed that was free! StyleTap should allow you to use your Palm games as well. I don't know, because I made a conscious decision NOT to use StyleTap.

    NVBackup - My 750 came with Sprite Backup on the CD for free. It does the same as NVBackup (backing up to the card), but I can also have it backup to my computer as well. That's pretty nice!

    Google Maps - They have a WM version.

    Docs To Go - I use the built in Office Mobile (Word, Powerpoint, and Excel) programs.

    PalmPDF - My 750 came with Picsel PDF viewer.

    PDANet - I use the built-in Internet Sharing that comes with WM6, and it's NICE to be on 3G with that...

    TCPMP - Guess what? WM version.

    Some of the hacks that I installed on my 650 (KBLightsOff, etc) are built-in functionality of my 750. I've also installed WisBar Lite. It's a nice little task manager that allows quicker switching of running programs, the ability to kill them without having to open the task manager, and cascading menus. It's pretty nice, makes it behave a little more like regular Windows making the transition easier.

    Transitioning was easy. All I did was sync my 650 with outlook, then install the software and sync with the 750. Done. All my contacts, notes, appointments, etc... were in my new phone. If you are considering the jump and have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer them. I would consider myself a die-hard Palm guy (I had the ORIGINAL Palm Pilot) and am personally surprised how quickly I became enamored with WM. I will say that it is a much slower OS than Palm, but the BLAZINGLY fast 3G, as well as integration with Exchange (I telecommute a lot) makes up for it...
    So, after some months of using the 750 (with all these apps), have you experienced any problems or returned for repair?
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    I am thinking of making the change. I use Datebk6. What I really need is something that uses icons for the month view calendar. Is something like this available for Windows Mobile/PPC?
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    I use both treo 755 and HTC Touch pro. They both are great and each has it's own advantage.
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    Two words, for the 800w. You must install Sprite Backup & MagiCall, they work great!
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    I was just issued a WM 6.1ppc phone. THe one thing that I cannot figure out is if the WM calendar lets you color code your events and appointments.
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