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    Color me surprised. I received my new Verizon 755p today, and although I was planning to be prudent about selectively restoring my files using NVBackup, I tried a complete restore just to see what would happen. Not only did almost everything appear to work perfectly, but one program (LJP) that didn't work properly on my 700p now worked correctly. I did have to delete and re-pair my BT headset, recalibrate the touchscreen, change back some preferences like Date/Time and Keyguard to how I had them on my 700p, but overall I am very happy so far.

    Anyone else use a complete NVBackup restore to go from a 700 to a 755 and have similar results? Any other things you noticed that had to be tweaked after the complete restore? Any problems develop later?

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    This is the same process i used when i received a replacement 755p for my broken 700p from Sprint with absolutely NO problems whatsoever. One or two apps didn't work and had to be removed but not because of the way i did the restore. They just were not compatible with the 755p. NVBackup is an awesome free app and i would recommend it to everyone with backup app needs.
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    A big Amen to the praises of NV Backup. It is the only consistently crash free, soft reset resistant backup software avaialble. It's amazing that this freeware far exceeds in stable performance the other backup programs you have to pay for. I don't know why BackupMan and Resco Backup haven't figured out how to mimic Alex Pruss's brilliant piece of work. His essential utility is a very generous gift to the Treo community.

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