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    I haven't seen an email program for the PalmOS yet that can handle (view) or send jpegs as attachments. Now that we have both SmartMemory and CF modules, and can view jpegs stored on them, is there a way to send them from a Visor?

    I would like to do this:

    View jpegs stored on either SmartMemory/CF from a digital camera. And then send them as an attachment from an email application. I want to do this wirelessly, so it can't be a conduit to Outlook thing, but more of a MultiMail or MsgAgent thing.

    Is there any software that will allow me to do this on the Palm? This would be great, so that I can take pictures with a digital camera (at low-rez), during a holiday, load them up into my visor and then email them to friends and family.

    I found threads for the EyeModule, but don't want to buy this when I already have a digital camera.
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    I've been wanting that too.

    I haven't seen it yet.

    But hey, wait a week or two, I'm sure it's right around the corner.
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    I wonder if bandwidth will be a concern?

    Will you have take pics at lowest resolution?
    Or will the palm attachement software compress?

    But this would be sooooo kewl!

    No more laptop on vacation! yeah!!
    "I cannot live without books." Thomas Jefferson
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    BugMe messenger can send images and screen shots.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.
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    Originally posted by j762538
    BugMe messenger can send images and screen shots.

    Doesn't solve the problem much.

    Needs EyeModule, or screenshots. Now sending emails with 160x160 pictures in 16bit grayscale for me, is not going to be too pretty for friends probably viewing them on a 1024x768 computer monitor

    As for bandwidth, with GPRS at 56k, it doesn't take long to send a few photos.

    This problem I have is one area where the PalmOS has a disadvantage compared to the PPC. I don't need powerful graphics editing or anything on my Visor, but handling graphics attachments is something that needs to be worked on.

    I'm hoping that something is around the corner too. We can view jpgs now on CF's and SmartMedia, but not being able to send them, or recieve/open jpgs and gifs in email attachments. It's bugging me..
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    There is a discussion about uploading pics to a webpage at I don't know if that will help you.
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    That's getting close.. but it's still uploading to webpages. With SD, Memorystick and Bluetooth onboard in the next gen Motorola processors, there should be more software that supports not just viewing but also editing/sending of files on these memory devices (excluding Bluetooth).

    So I'm hoping, that PDAs will come of age this time next year when I upgrade my Edge to a color PDA.

    - true remote email (with attachments)
    - SD/Memorystick support (digital cameras and other devices)
    - bluetooth, wireless internet connection to mobile phone!!

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