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    Has anyone successfully used the 755p for Data Roaming in China or Vancouver? I was told by Sprint International that it should work (email and web browsing) in both countries ($16/mb in China, $2/mb in Canada and Mexico), but would like confirmation that it actually works before I go out and buy the Treo. I have a 650 now and it does not have international data roaming. I'd love to stick with the Treo, but the Blackberry is calling...
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    I don't know about China, but I did pay for voice and data roaming for Canada last summer. The voice calls were something like $.20 each, as I recall. Interestingly, I never did see a charge for the data usage. I was curious about this because Sprint couldn't get their story straight on how much it was going to cost with the data roaming plan: $2/mb or $2/kb. Big difference. By the way, I was in rural Manitoba, near Riding Mountain National Park (north of Brandon on Hwy 10).
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    data roaming actually worked for you?
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    Really there was no charge for data roaming?

    I just travelled and shut off each and every option so I wouldnt roam on data. Can anyone else confirm this?
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    The data roaming worked great. I was out in cow pastures with my 755p checking my emails and updates on forums! The only times I couldn't get a data connection was when I was driving in parts of North Dakota.

    EDIT: Sprint told me they would charge me per kb in addition to the roaming charge. I paid the data roaming charge so the per kb rate would be lowered (at least, that's what I remember). Anyway, it was only something like $4 or $5 per month of data roaming in Canada, so I didn't mind paying the roaming fee. But I was supposed to get a /kb charge, yet never saw it on my bill. I don't understand it. Sprint customer support can't figure it out. I'm not complaining, and I won't call Sprint to find out why it happened this way.
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    I recently had to do a trip to Asia (Taipeh, Hong Kong and Shenzhen) and the voice service worked with no problems. But for some reason I was not able to receive and send SMS. I need to call Sprint to figure out how to do that.

    I almost everywhere got 5 bars (4 bars was minimum!). However, I didn't try the data connection though.
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    I had a TERRIBLE experience with International Roaming in August of 2007. Prior to leaving for Europe I called Sprint and they assured me that I could use International Roaming in Budapest, Vienns, Prague, Paris, London. I signed up for their IR service. When I got to London's airport it would not work. After numerous phone calls (quite costly) to Sprint I finally found out that the IR that they promised would work does NOT, in fact, work in Europe. So I wasted considerable time, money, and got aggravated. The only redeeming thing was that when I returned home and complained I was reimbursed by Sprint for close to $300. in phone call charges to them.

    I was exceedingly disappointed. I don't think I would have bought my Treo 755p in May of 2007 if I had known that it would not work abroad.
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    If you complained enough you might have been able to get the phone refunded.

    I would never have bought the phone in the first place if you guys didn't assure me in writing that my phone would work in so and so, blah blah...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jigwashere View Post
    Interestingly, I never did see a charge for the data usage.
    I heard this from one of my friends who was on a cruise with me last year and made a couple phone calls from Grand Cayman. He never was billed for the calls and they weren't even itemized.

    I suppose one of the reasons the reps can't tell you is because they aren't getting the billing info from the overseas provider.

    I remember once in the 80's tmy local telco had millions of calls that were not billed correctly, and they decided just to go ahead and bill everyone for the calls they weren't billed for six months later, without notice. Caused a huge uproar and several law suits. The local telco then decided to allow customers to pay in installments if they wanted to.

    Perhaps Sprint would rather keep their customers happy than hit them up with skeletons from their closet.

    Sprint's always played nice with me (even in the days of long distance) and in this world, that's something that doesn't happen often.

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